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Would you like to support working groups, research or education projects? Are you interested in a specific field of orthoregeneration such as spine, osteoarthritis or similar?

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We promote research and discovery in the field of orthopedic tissue regeneration including the use of biologic therapies to drive innovation and develop improved patient-centric treatment solutions.
We provide guidance, education and knowledge for surgeons to improve clinical practice within orthopedic tissue regeneration and biologic therapies.
We foster a network of young professionals, experts, societies, industry and decision makers to advance the field of orthopedic tissue regeneration. Collaboration is key to us.

"Donors and Foundations can get involved with an individual tailor-made approach."

Prof. Matthias Steinwachs, President

Support young talents

The ON Foundation awards various grants to young doctors and researchers to foster their continuing education and personal development. They all provide access to further training in the field regenerative orthopedics. This can be done in the context of specialist congresses and courses organized by professional societies (Education Grants & Scholarships), or as part of education activities organized by the ON Foundation itself (Research Fellowships & Clinical Fellowships).
Contact us for further information and to find the perfect program that you would like to support.

Contribute to innovative Research

Regenerative orthopedics is a young field. Lots of scientific questions are open. So a lot of research is still needed to create new ideas and test innovative procedures with the aim of taking them to clinical application. We support to this important research with research grants. The funding amounts flow into the realization of specific research projects. Indirectly we also support young doctors and scientists who rely on financial support for their projects and publications. This applies in particular to small and medium-sized projects for which there is no state support (e.g. from the Swiss National Science Foundation, Horizon 2020, NHS).
We distinguish four types of research grants of different volume and scope: Literature Grants, Kick-Starter Grants, Pilot Grants, Break-Through Grants.
Contact us for further information and to find the perfect grant and research topic that you would like to support.

Facilitate educational content

In addition to financial support for doctors, scientists and projects, the ON Foundation also produces educational content on the subject of regenerative orthopedics. In addition to the ON Glossary we share expert lectures, compile a collection of clinical cases and produce special formats such as ONcase Night or ONstage.
Contact us for further information and to find the perfect education format for your support.


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Donations to the ON Foundation are according Art. 33a DBG tax-deductible