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We promote innovative ideas and approaches. We support research that answers open questions, improves therapy and contributes to evidence in the field of orthopedic tissue regeneration.

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Research Grants

ON Research Fellowship

Visit leading research groups in orthoregeneration. Travel to several countries and meet the orthopedic tissue regeneration experts working at the forefront of science. See, learn, ask and connect to improve your scientific approach to the field.

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ON Innovator Grant

Get support for your research, addressing an innovative question in the field of orthopedic tissue regeneration. The ON Foundation demarcates the topics and especially empowers young researchers.

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ON Literature Grant

Answer a pending question in the area of orthoregeneration. Analyze papers or demographic data, make a survey. Get a financial contribution for helping us identifying gaps and unmet needs.

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ON Research Designer

This online tool leads you through the planning of a research project. You get a study protocol, including timeline and budget. Share it with your peers or use it for a grant application.


ON Breakthrough Award

The highly qualified orthoregeneration experts who form the board of the ON Foundation select one outstanding research work that advanced the understanding or possibilities of orthopedic tissue regeneration.

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ON Young Talent Award

Nominate a young fellow or resident who in your opinion had an innovative idea or contributed significantly to the research in orthoregeneration.

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“There are so many open questions in orthoregeneration, let’s start answering some.”

Prof. Myron Spector, Member of the Board