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The orthoregeneration community platform myON connects scientists and practitioners worldwide and provides information and tools to support all activities of the Orthoregeneration Network online.

myON means:


We foster a network of young professionals, experts, societies, industry and decision makers to advance the field of orthopedic tissue regeneration. Collaboration is key to us.

Find contacts and create a network and join groups for discussions.

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We provide guidance, education and knowledge for surgeons to improve clinical practice within orthopedic tissue regeneration and biologic therapies. Therefore we offer scholarships and fellowship programs.

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We promote research and discovery in the field of orthopedic tissue regeneration including the use of biologic therapies to drive innovation and develop improved patient-centric treatment solutions. We offer different research grants and give out awards.

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myON Network

We link young professionals and experts all over the world. Together we build a strong network and guarantee innovation and development.

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