Advancing regeneration

The ON FOUNDATION sets quality standards, spreads unbiased knowledge about orthoregeneration and links young professionals, experts and academic organizations all over the world. Together we build a strong network and guarantee innovation.

We believe that research is the engine of development and that linking and educating passionate young professionals is the way to advance the field of orthoregeneration significantly. Ultimately this will help the clinician and improve the quality of life for the patients.

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myON Network

We link young professionals and experts all over the world. Together we build a strong network and guarantee innovation and development.

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We are supporting your research in the area of orthoregeneration with grants.
We celebrate your outstanding ideas and results with awards.

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We empower education improving your orthoregeneration therapy skills with education grants, scholarships and fellowships.

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"The ON Foundation shall lead to a better treatment for more patients."
Dr. Andreas Geistlich, Founder


Our well selected set of upcoming events in the orthoregeneration universe.

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"Innovation happens when people think differently."

Dr. Kay Horsch, Executive Director ON Foundation